We are a group, a tribe, a family who understand that a healthy body and healthy mind are the foundations for the healthiest version of you. Returning to exercise after having a baby can be difficult. Whether it be physical complications from pregnancy, lack of sleep, life admin, and so forth, here at Fit Mamma we have designed the best experience to get you back to YOU.

Providing variety, attention to detail, and safety are of primary importance. Additionally, we believe there are three sets of criteria that must to be met in order to create the perfect experience for every single mamma that comes through our doors.

the workout.

A constantly evolving, fun, & varied training program that is specially crafted for new mums, with a range of exercise variations and modifications that cater for all post-natal concerns. The workout must also be challenging enough for everyone no matter what stage of motherhood you’re at.

This is about enjoying the process of getting your pre-baby body back, effectively and safely.

All workouts are delivered by qualified PT’s, educated in post-natal exercise. All our programs are developed by our team at head office.

the crèche.

A safe, clean, indoor creche space for the kiddies. Their safety, wellbeing, and happiness trumps everything else. All of our locations feature an indoor crèche, which is both safe and fun, and protected from the elements.

All of our nannies come with their working with children check, first-aid, and plenty of experience with newborns and beyond. Your bub is in safe hands.

If there’s ever a cause for concern our nannies are really close by and will check in with you.

the experience.

Fit Mamma was designed to be a place to unwind and connect with other mamma’s. Having a support network is important, because it helps to know you’re not alone!

We achieve this by separating mums and bubs. You're out of earshot and eyesight - but close enough if need be. Unfortunately training with your bub (whilst a beautiful thing) means you come second.

We have developed a culture within the Fit Mamma tribe that means from the moment you walk through the door, you are part of the tribe.

This isn’t just about an hour of exercise. It’s about an hour of down-time. An hour for you. An hour to connect with other mamma’s. It’s as much for your sanity as it is your physical wellbeing. Our specifically designed classes, with accredited post-natal instructors, ensures no mamma gets left behind, and no one leaves without a solid workout. Our crèche and workout space are separated (out of earshot and eyesight). If what you are looking for is to focus on yourself for an hour and get the most out of your workout, Fit Mamma is a great place to do so.

— Jack Seymour, Founder & Father, Fit Mamma

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