We have a maximum of 5 bubs per nanny, however it usually works out to be 1 nanny / 4 bubs or less. We usually have 2-3 nannies on at each shift.

what experience do your nannies have?

Our nannies come fully qualified and experienced (not uni students looking for some extra $$ unless they are fully qualified). At the very least they must have their Working With Children Check, current first aid, and 4 + months experience working with newborns and beyond. Some of our nannies have backgrounds in nursing, midwifery, and childcare. Your bubs are in excellent hands. 

WHat happens if my baby is not settling in the creche?

Our nannies will do their absolute best to comfort and care for your bub whilst we exercise. If for any reason they feel that they need their mamma, they will come and grab you. In our experience this happens less than 5% of the time. 

Where is the creche and where do we train?

One of the biggest points of difference with Fit Mamma (to other mums and bubs classes) is that we provide:

1) an indoor creche space, safe from the elements, where your bub is happy, comfortable, and safe.

2) a training space close by where you are separated from your bub. You can't see or hear them, and vice versa. This is an important part of what we do - giving you an hour to yourself, to focus on YOU.

How much are your classes?

Our 60 minute sessions vary from $20-$40 per class, and with several package options, there is a package to suit all needs. First thing’s first, complete our pre-screening questionnaire, we will be in touch, and get you in for a free class. It's important to ensure that Fit Mamma is the right fit for both you and your little bubs before you commit.

what is my commitment?

At a minimum we ask for 4 weeks commitment, anything less and what's the point? Depending on the package you choose you are on a fortnightly roll-over or 12 weeks upfront. We are pretty relaxed however, and if you're away we will simply put your account on hold for that period.

What if i can't make my booked session?

We understand that motherhood throws your several curve balls every week and whilst we would like to be as flexible and accommodating as possible, we are running a business with nanny and crèche costs. 24 hour cancellation policy is therefore in effect.