Top 5 Fitness Tips for Busy Mums

Top 5 fitness tips for busy mums. 

There is no one more dedicated, selfless, and time-poor than you mums. Husbands and kids, we owe everything to your undying love and support.

Exercise is something that most of you would like to be doing, but with such a hectic schedule, I understand it is hard to find the time.
Here are a few tips to help you squeeze something in. Remember, no matter how big or small it is, every little bit counts.



The number 1 tip I can get give you, is this: You must want to exercise! Whether it is to improve your fitness, lose some weight, de-stress, whatever it is you need to identify it, and have a goal in mind.

This is the first step, after which you need prepare a plan of action. How, when, where are you going to exercise.. And then it’s a simple matter of sticking to the plan, creating a healthy habit, and achieving your goals.



Simple enough.. Or is it?? If you know roughly what time your partner gets home from work, why not give them some bonding time, and head out for a run, to the gym, a group class, whatever works for you. If you schedule it in, then it becomes much easier.

If you can’t get your husband to handle the bub for an hour, there are gyms out there that provide a crèche. Do your research, and join one. Again, pencil exercise around your baby… and just make it happen. Routine builds habit, and then it just becomes a part of your daily life.



You have a few options here.


Incorporate exercise into playtime. So play with them, do pressups with them, squat with them, lunge with them, plank with them. This is a chance for you to get creative, bond with your baby, and work up a sweat.


If your little one is more mobile, when you take them down to the park, rather than watch them play, join in on the fun! Run with them, throw a ball with them, climb the monkey bars with them. Again, you can work up a sweat whilst really enjoying your bubs company.. They will appreciate it too!



You’ll need a run specific buggy for this, otherwise things might get a bit messy. So, pretty simple, if you’re taking your bub out, chances are you’ll be dressed comfortably in your ‘active wear.’ Why not take your bub for a run, rather than walk. And your little one will feel like their straight out of “Days of Thunder.” Funnn!



Why not chat to the mums in your mothers group and see who wants to start an exercise regime. Not everyone, but most, will love the idea. You will likely find that some are already part of a training program. If you don’t have a mothers group, there are plenty of Facebook groups where you could simply ask the question. 

This allows you to build stronger bonds with mums you already know, and gives you the opportunity to meet other, like-minded, mums in your area.

Have fun, exercise, and be merry Mamma's